Brakes Shuddering or Brakes Squealing?

We offer quality and client-tailored brake repair services from experienced car specialists.

Get long-lasting brake solutions without breaking the bank!

Imagine not having healthy brakes, how will you be able to make a good stop?

This is why you needed to get a good mobile mechanic to ensure that your brakes are good and working.

But what if you don’t know that your braking systems are no longer working?

Here are a few signs that you should know to when to need car repair services for your brakes.


Grinding Noises

When making a brake, your vehicle shouldn’t be making a grinding noise. This indicates that your brake pedal may be worn out. You will also be hearing metallic squeal that could be creating grooves in the brake rotor

These are a few early signs that you needed to get your brakes checked. Griding noises, if not brakes, could also mean other serious trouble and issues for your vehicle. It is better to get them checked the moment you hear unnecessary noises while you are in motion.


Vibrations When Braking

Sudden brakes, vibrations and turning left or right when braking is a definite sign that your vehicle is experiencing issues with its braking system. This may indicate uneven wear of the brake pads, contaminants in the brake fluid or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder.

This can also be very dangerous especially in public places. It might also cause you serious accidents if it’s left unattended and unchecked by a professional mechanic.


Fluid Leaks

A fluid leak may also be a sign of car brake damage. You won’t usually notice this first hand, it may come off as a soft pedal brake. It is best to immediately contact your mobile mechanic to check your master cylinder for fluid leaks.


Burning Smell

A burning smell often gives us anxiety when driving, but not only that this is alarming but this is also a sign of various issues to your vehicle, not only to your brakes. Immediately pull over in a safe place to allow the car engine or your brakes to cool down. 

To ensure your safety, it is best to not drive the vehicle not until a car service provider had arrived.

Wollongong’s Brake Repair Experts

Have you checked your vehicle’s brake lately? 

Brakes are the most crucial part of your vehicle in securing your safety while driving. It’s indeed the safety system of your vehicle. The moment you realised that it’s no longer performing the same as usual is your cue to get a real deal from a good quality car service.

Being Wollongong’s number one in car repairs or service, Graul’s Mechanical has over 20 years of experience fixing brakes for more than hundreds of vehicles in Wollongong and other parts of Australia. 

With that said, they have been testing many manufacturers for parts and have found a unique combination of parts that will provide a lasting solution to brake wobble and wear issues. This makes them the leading mobile mechanic in all over Wollongong.

Graul’s Mechanical guarantee you a peace of mind and works to ensure your safety while driving down the road. 

But when do you know that you need a car brake repair?

Getting a Mobile Mechanic

Do you think you are experiencing all of these signs when using your brakes? 

You definitely need a car service provider to get your brakes checked. Graul’s Mechanic can help you with all your vehicle issues, from car servicing to engine rebuilds and replacement to car tyres and car batteries to diesel, timing chain and brake clutch repairs. 

20 years in the service has equipped us to become better when it comes to car service to ensure the safety of families down the road. Our expert technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system and apply long-lasting solutions that work. 

We apply empathy to our line of work and we understand how crucial it is to drive the road with vehicle issues. Thus, we made sure to repair, replace and maintain your vehicles only with the best, reliable and quality parts that are fitted for all types of vehicles, be it modern or older ones. 

Indeed, we help you fix the brakes without breaking the bank! Affordable and friendly services anytime and anywhere you might be in Australia.

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